Challenge: To design a headquarters for Bixby Land Company, a company formed in 1896 and with a significant role in the growth of Southern California but with a current business model aimed at creative office. The challenge of designing and building a space that reflects both past and future fell to IA Architects, along with DBaC, Inc. Additionally, the client had excellent taste which stressed a $70/square foot budget.

Solution: Bixby Land had the foresight to realize that the architect and the general contractor had to be aligned and working as a team from the design stage forward. Working as a team, DBaC and IA explored alternative subcontractors and went so far as to tour local homes for design elements and potential subcontractors. There was a healthy discourse between design and construction about every change, with an open minded attitude by both sides leading to cost savings.

Result: The client moved into their headquarters on time and within budget with design and construction elements not seen in Southern California and with space reflecting both their history and their future plans.