Challenge: Create a 4,500 square foot prototypical Hurley store experience in their headquarters location in FIVE WEEKS. As if this wasn’t challenge enough the client asked DBaC to use construction to subtly align construction elements to reflect their surf culture and even go so far as to design and create a unique rack system used in Hurley stores to this day.

Solution: 35 straight days of construction work with no breaks for weekends and work being done throughout the night more than half the time. On site throughout the process were a Project Manager, a Supervisor and DBaC’s owner, John Curci. DBaC also worked exhaustively with the architect to ensure the client’s vision was ensured by all trades.

Result: Not only was work completed on time but the client was ecstatic with the results The prototype perfectly reflected Hurley’s vision and a unique racking system was designed and built by DBaC that is used to this day in Hurley stores across the country

Quote: “I saw John the other day and told him I thought DBaC did a tremendous job for us in an impossible situation and timeframe.But now that we have used other GC’s I said we were spoiled. No one is as good.”