Challenge: Construct a unique headquarters location for La Jolla Group. From lease negotiation through move‐in, La Jolla Group and their landlord were in dispute, providing a challenging atmosphere for collaboration and success. Additionally, La Jolla Group, as an owner of apparel/surf brands, had a distinct vision for their space and were forced to work with an architect who they believe didn’t share their vision.

Solution: With decades of experience with the landlord, DBaC, through it’s owner, Project Manager and Project Supervisor, was able to bridge the gap between ownership/architect and La Jolla Group. Onsite and present supervision was key in separating ego dispute from process dispute.

Result: The facility was completed on time and within budget. La Jolla Group was excited how the space matched their vision and the completion of the space effectively ended a dispute with the landlord and a potential time‐intensive lawsuit.

Quote: “Now that some time has passed we see we put DBaC in a tough position, making it nearly impossible for them to succeed – yet they not only succeeded they excelled. We love our space and would use DBaC whenever we possibly could.”