1. Technology in Construction

    As we embark into a new year, it's evident that each new year brings forth a fresh array of trends, shaping various industries in profound ways. Reflecting on the past, we've witnessed the transformative impact of innovations for Construction like 3-D printing and the integration of remote technologies such as drones. However, as we venture further into the depths of 2024, a distinct set of emergi…Read More

  2. Common Commercial Work

    As a general contractor, DBaC, Inc. handles a wide variety of construction projects. We even have Project Managers that specialize in certain types of structures. Each project, depending on the type of building also comes with its own set of specifications and requirements. And with commercial construction, DBaC could be working on anything from a bar to a hospital- and both we’ve done plenty of…Read More

  3. 32 Years of DBaC

    As we celebrate our 32 year anniversary at DBaC, we wanted to dive deep into who we truly are: DBaC: Design, Build and Consult. Founder, John M. Curci started DBaC, Inc. in October of '91, at just 26 years old. He knew he could use his architectural background from UC Berkley combined with his construction experience to provide tenants the corporate home they wanted, even if they couldn’t articu…Read More

  4. Safety in Construction

    The construction industry is undoubtedly one of the most hazardous fields of work. Construction workers face daily activities that have the potential to result in grave consequences if necessary precautions are not taken. This underscores the crucial importance of equipping them with the right tools, knowledge, and resources to confidently navigate job sites, all while being acutely aware of poten…Read More

  5. Latest Construction Industry Trends

    Trends are all around us, and when it comes to the construction industry, there are some exciting ones on the rise. If you're part of the construction world, it's a good idea to keep these trends on your radar because they're likely to stick around for a while. One of the trends we're keeping an eye on is the concept of "Smart Cities." To get a taste of what that means, just take a look at what Ja…Read More

  6. Design Inspirations of 2023

    Office design trends evolve over time, we're always reflecting on the changes in the work culture, technology, and aesthetics. In 2023, we’ve seen several newdesign trends and inspirations in office spaces. Here are some ideas to consider moving through the rest of the year, if you're still looking for a re-vamp: Flexible and Hybrid Work Due to the pandemic, we were noticing an influx of hybrid …Read More

  7. Differences Between Residential vs Commercial Construction

    DBaC solely works in commercial construction. However, we also manage residential work through Peninsula Custom Home Builders. Residential and commercial construction are two distinct categories within the construction industry, and they differ in various ways, including their purpose, design of the buildings, regulations, and materials used. Here are some key differences between residential and c…Read More

  8. How To Build a Good Reputation in the Construction Industry

      Building a good reputation in the construction industry is essential for long-term success. A strong reputation can lead to more clients, repeat business, and referrals. At DBaC, we pride ourselves on the fact that over 85% of our business is through long-term returning customers. Here are steps you can take to build and maintain a positive reputation in the construction industry: Deliver Q…Read More

  9. The Post-Pandemic TI Project

    The year is 2022: the cellular networks are expanding their 5G capabilities, Mark Zuckerberg is creating the 'Metaverse', and business to business relationships are almost completely remote in most parts of the country. What does that mean for the construction industry? Construction has lagged behind the rest of the world with the adoption of technology but we are rapidly approaching a 'tipping p…Read More

  10. Helping the Community

    The old saying goes, "Practice Makes Perfect." And in so many cases that is true. Practicing something new or trying different techniques usually requires some time to learn how to do it. So how does it work for Firemen, who regularly go into dangerous and different situations without the ability to practice what they are required to do? What I mean is, how do Firefighters practice kicking down do…Read More