1. The Post-Pandemic TI Project

    The year is 2022: the cellular networks are expanding their 5G capabilities, Mark Zuckerberg is creating the 'Metaverse', and business to business relationships are almost completely remote in most parts of the country. What does that mean for the construction industry? Construction has lagged behind the rest of the world with the adoption of technology but we are rapidly approaching a 'tipping p…Read More

  2. Helping the Community

    The old saying goes, "Practice Makes Perfect." And in so many cases that is true. Practicing something new or trying different techniques usually requires some time to learn how to do it. So how does it work for Firemen, who regularly go into dangerous and different situations without the ability to practice what they are required to do? What I mean is, how do Firefighters practice kicking down do…Read More

  3. 30 Years

    October 31st is a day known by all as Halloween, but for us at DBaC it is also marks our 30th anniversary this year! Our owner and president, John M. Curci, started DBaC in October of 1991, at just 26 years old. He would spend the early years driving from Newport Beach out to Palm Desert every day to supervise his own jobs, and constantly making connections in the commercial real estate world clos…Read More

  4. Summer 2021 Update

    2021 has been one of the most volatile years in history. While it seems that the pandemic is now in our rear-view mirror, we will continue feeling the effects  for years to come. Whether it be Bitcoin, houses, or plywood, we are seeing unprecedented price swings over such a short period of time. And not to mention the rollout of the various Covid-19 vaccines, we in Southern California have seen t…Read More

  5. November 2020 – Pfizer Announces 90% Efficacy in its Vaccine

    Through the first nine days of November, there have been major events that will shape the economic landscape for California for years to come. First, Prop 15, the ballot initiative to change the way commercial and industrial properties are taxed, was not voted into fruition. Not a week later, Pfizer has announced that their vaccine for COVID-19 has a 90% effectiveness rate in their test patients t…Read More

  6. October 2020 – City Tower and UCI Hospital

    Hello Everyone! We hope you had a fun and safe end to your summer, lucky for us Orange County people, staying outside is quite easy. With warm weather still around, the beaches are still crowded and restaurants/patrons alike are taking advantage of the expanded outdoor dining options. If you ask me, it almost feels like we are in Europe, just with a lot more face masks. This month, we would like t…Read More

  7. July 2020

    We hope you had a fantastic and safe 4th of July holiday weekend. Even though the beaches were closed, the Newport Harbor was open and the locals took advantage. Social distancing isn’t too hard when you can be on a boat in the ocean! As summer has kicked into full gear it has been exciting to see our community rally around the new normal, with plenty of restaurants taking advantage of their par…Read More

  8. Designing An Office Kitchen Your Employees Will Love

    Depending on your particular set of circumstances, you may be spending a lot less time at your Newport Beach office these days — or a lot more. Having an office kitchen is pretty much a no-brainer in American corporate culture, but how does yours stack up? Does your kitchen office design have everything your employees want, or need? Is it stocked helpfully and thoughtfully, or is it just a deser…Read More

  9. sketch of modern office design

    Designing the COVID 19-Friendly Workplace

    COVID-19 is here to stay, it seems; actually, if you read the science blogs, it’s been among us for millennia. Its leap from animals to humans is, of course, what brought it among us in a way that makes all the difference in its impact. Since it is here to stay among humans, however, it’s essential that we learn to live and work with it and around it, and with respect to the way we are affecte…Read More

  10. June 2020

    Hello Everyone! June is here and with each passing day we are slowly progressing into normalcy in Orange County. Restaurants are reopening for dine-in service in Newport Beach, we can consider ourselves lucky for this newfound luxury. With more COVID-19 tests becoming available to the public, we are seeing a drop in the percentage of tests coming back positive, which hopefully makes the general pu…Read More