DBaC Inc. is dedicated to providing exceptional design in our Newport Beach construction services, which is why in this article we are going to give an overview of the power that good design can have on improving the way people perceive your business as well as the way it works.

Design’s Relationship to Thought and Emotion

Design has a greater impact on our minds than we often give it credit for. There are entire professions that are dedicated to the science of design. They focus on how design can influence the mind to behave in ways that are favorable to businesses, whether that be the clients or the company. Every element from color and lighting to layout and decoration is considered. The results from studies on design psychology have been so telling that many new offices hardly look like offices at all.

Complimenting the Business Model

Fast food restaurants tend to use bright reds and yellows to stimulate appetite and encourage quick table turnover. Likewise, spas will generally use softer earth tones and dimmed lighting to relax the mind and ease tension.

Design can work into the way your business functions and influence the mind of customers to behave in a way that you want. This isn’t meant to be manipulative. In fact, it’s an attempt to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the company’s business model. When business is moving smoothly, everyone’s experience will be far more favorable.

For a creative office environment, consider using colors that aren’t distracting but still spark inspiration. Lighting should be natural to boost your team’s energy and wellbeing. Group your workspaces together in a way that increases efficiency and productivity, while also encouraging collaboration and engagement.

Establishing the Company Culture

Valuable brands like Apple, Google, and Facebook have all been trendsetters when it comes to office design. Their high level of growth and success across the world have established them as prime examples of how successful businesses operate. More and more, businesses are emulating design aspects that industry giants have been using for years with the intention of getting in on at least a piece of the action that these companies have achieved.

What originally set these organizations apart in office design were their open spaces, free of cubicles, with natural light spilling in. Concepts like “all business and no fun” were tossed to the wayside with employee lounges, which serve as a place for employees to unwind from stressful work environments. Art installments and garden areas offer a breath of fresh air and inspire creativity for the workforce. Every one of these design features seek to sustain employee morale, and that says something about the company as a whole: they intentionally made a point to consider the wellbeing of their company culture.

They were able to connect the dots between the work that they do and why they do it, employee satisfaction and work performance, inspiration and innovation — all things that proved not only beneficial but essential to the growth and success of their business.

What’s Right for Your Business?

If you have considered updating the design of your office space, it is important to first consider what is working for your business and what is not. Has productivity declined in your workforce? Are you having trouble bringing in new clients? What do you want the daily operations to look like, and how can a new layout improve upon that?

Contact DBaC Inc. in Newport Beach to discuss your vision with us. Our team of construction services specialists are dedicated to bring your plan to life, whether its design is more traditional or more modern. No project is too small or too large for us, so contact us now!

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