We have all heard that first impressions are everything, and this is especially true when it comes to the world of business. Does the architecture and design of your office reflect the message your business is trying to send?

At DBaC Inc. in Newport Beach, we want to make your vision real with architecture and design. Just bring your concept to us, and we’ll work with you to build your business forward. Our services make it where you don’t have to be stuck in a time machine. With a professional office remodel, even the most outdated workplace can be transformed to ignite a new sense of purpose in your company’s brand and mission statement.

In this article, we want to help you recognize the key areas that will hold your business back from an architectural and design perspective. Obviously, if your roof is caving in, that is a clear indicator. What we will be focusing on has more to do about image rather than functionality.

The designs we choose (in what we wear, the products we buy, or spaces we dwell) say something about who we are and what we value. It is who you are as a company, how you want your business to function, and what message you are trying to send. While services may very well be more important than appearance, none of that matters if you can’t attract new business to walk through your front doors.

From the Client’s Perspective

When a client arrives at your office, you want them to feel comfortable and welcome. If they feel comfortable when they are at your office, they will still likely connect that comfortable feeling to you when they are away from your office. This is fundamental when your business is to take care of their business — you want them to feel they left the company in good hands.

At times, there can be something reassuring about stepping into an older build. Even if it’s nothing fancy, there’s something to be said about something that has stood the test of time. It tells a story, and people love stories, especially if they’ve been around to see that story unfold. To someone who is entering an establishment for the first time, however, one man’s “charm” is another man’s “outdated.”

Old and rickety furniture does not invite one to sit. (You want your clients to sit.) When furniture is clean and comfortable, people are willing to wait more patiently. They are also more likely to concentrate on your discussions, rather than earnestly awaiting their departure.

Likewise, if you can’t tell the difference when your office is clean and when it is dirty, it is probably time to have a remodel. Ensure to have your windows regularly cleaned. Natural light is proven to improve moods and increase productivity, both of which are desirable in a work environment. Walls should be painted with vibrant colors to bring a breath of fresh air into your workplace. If you cannot make out what the original shade of paint was, it is time for a new coat. Make sure all surfaces are dusted and the carpets are washed. If you work on hard floors, have them polished regularly to give off a sheen of professionalism. Even “outdated” can be forgiven, but “filthy” is unforgivable. It shows a lack of consideration for those who enter your office and gives off an air of apathy that does not inspire confidence in the mind of your client.

Plants can bring life to the office, especially if you lack natural views from your office windows. There are many benefits to having plants indoors other than adding decorative interest. They purify air quality, dampen sound, increase humidity, and lower ambient temperature. Contact with nature can make people feel more at ease, particularly when making significant decisions. Given that most businesses deal with important matters, reducing stress as much as possible can be a powerful asset.

From the Employees’ Perspectives

Studies have shown that people spend around a third of their lives at work, so accommodations that are cozy and embrace a healthy work/life balance can prove valuable in maintaining employee morale. When a workplace is enjoyable to be in, performance increases dramatically, so it is necessary to take this into account when implementing new design elements.

The first and most obvious sign that it’s time for an office remodel is space. As a company grows, space can become an issue from an operations standpoint. Even when an office executes an open floor plan design, everyone needs privacy, and crowded work environments can leave employees feeling they have no real space to call their own.

Keeping all equipment in tip-top shape is pivotal in ensuring a steady flowing workday. Broken machines and furniture that is uncomfortable can be demoralizing for employees when it is encountered on a regular basis. If your office is beginning to show its wear and tear, it may be time to consider remodeling.

Finally, one of the main reasons companies contemplate office remodels is that the architecture and design no longer reflect the brand or image they are trying to project. Even a change in décor can freshen up a space and help you put your mark on the office. For something more dramatic, however, a change in architecture and design will make your business stand out to potential clients and will motivate employees to have pride in the work that they do. In the end, that is a victory that pays for itself many times over.

Is It Time to Remodel Your Office Space?

If this article has confirmed many of the concerns you have about your workplace, or if the improvements of an office remodel are something you’d like benefit from, contact DBaC Inc. in Newport Beach to discuss your vision with us. Our team of construction services specialists are dedicated to bringing your architecture and design plans to life. No project is too small or too large for us, so contact us now!

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