As we celebrate our 32 year anniversary at DBaC, we wanted to dive deep into who we truly are:

DBaC: Design, Build and Consult.
Founder, John M. Curci started DBaC, Inc. in October of ’91, at just 26 years old. He knew he could use his architectural background from UC Berkley combined with his construction experience to provide tenants the corporate home they wanted, even if they couldn’t articulate their vision exactly. He wanted to bridge the gap between their vision and their home for their place of business. The founding principles remain – get it done on time and within budget while constantly communicating with the client throughout the process. Those principles served him well on the early jobs when he was doing everything from initial demo work to project supervision, and they remain today as he oversees a company that has consistently billed over $45 Million a year since 2013. DBaC has now built long standing relationships and projects with companies like The Irvine Company, Bixby Land Company, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Cushman and Wakefield, CBRE and so many others. We take immense pride our long lasting relationships. In addition to nurturing strong bonds with our employees, our journey to success wouldn’t be complete without the incredible help of our subcontractors. They bring not only their expertise but also meticulous attention to every project, simplifying our tasks and ensuring on-time, flawless completion. We also take a lot of pride in our unwavering work ethic and
loyalty. It’s a point of accomplishment that we’ve had more than 8 employees with us for over two decades!

Let’s not forget the amazing connections we’ve built with our clients across sunny SoCal over the decades! Throughout our fantastic 32-year adventure, we’ve had the privilege of working on nearly 85% of our projects with our trusted, long-term clients. To us, this truly reflects the passion and care that John and our respected ‘Founding Fathers’ poured into our company when we were just getting started. Their dedication has paid off, earning us the enduring trust and loyalty of some of the biggest names in commercial real estate throughout the county.

Although we take our work VERY seriously, DBaC takes fun seriously too! Every year, John and the DBaC team- including our amazing subcontractors- hit the OC Fair and Del Mar Races! It’s a big thank you to all of those who dedicate their hard work and efforts into the day to day tasks that make all of this run smoothly! Located on Lido Island in Newport Beach, DBaC is blend of professional and coastal cool. When you need a pick-me-up, DBaC has a fully equipped kitchen, or the local coffee shops are a short stroll away, and lunch breaks are beach side picnics waiting to happen. And there are several paddle boards just in case anyone needs their 10 minute break on the water!

So, what is the name all about?
Design- Our design services are characterized by a collaborative approach, working closely alongside architects and designers right from the project’s inception. This unique synergy provides us with a grasp of the entire construction process, enabling us to plan and coordinate materials, supplies, labor, costs, and budgets as the project progresses. What sets us apart is our expertise in understanding and appreciating the artistic aspects of a project. By aligning our perspective with the vision of the project’s artists from the very start, we ensure that creativity and functionality coexist.

Build- Building is in our DNA, rooted deeply in the experiences of our founder, John Curci dating back to when his journey began during his college years. When founding DBaC, John instilled the same unwavering standards of integrity and commitment in his team, comprising project managers with backgrounds in architecture and a passion for precision.

Consult- Beyond being expert builders, we are also trusted consultants. Our deep-rooted architectural and design knowledge positions us as valuable advisors on your projects. We excel at providing innovative and creative solutions, consistently striving to engineer smarter at every turn. This approach not only enhances our capabilities but also elevates the services we offer to our clients. We approach each project from a consulting perspective, infusing fresh creativity and intelligent engineering into the planning phase. This ensures that we bring our best ideas to the table, making your project not just successful, but exceptional. A project we’re currently working on that we feel will be a very influential for our community is our “BeWell” project. BeWell is an organization that provides an
integrative mental health approach. They bring together mental health care services through the collaboration among public, private, academic, and faith-based
organizations. This joint effort promotes communication, bridges gaps, and eliminates barriers to care. Their mission is to aid in making compassionate mental health care more accessible for the community. Once we complete this project, we are excited to see the great benefits that it will bring to the community!

The DBaC Guarantee: We promise top-quality design and construction, on time and within budget…even if we have to work around the clock to make it happen! Reach out to DBaC today if you’re ready to take your commercial dream to a reality.