Hi everyone! We hope you are doing well during these uncertain times and practicing social distancing. This month we would like to take the time to go over our safety precautions that we are implementing and help explain what it means to be working in an “essential” industry.

When CA Governor Newson issued the “Stay at Home” order, the entire state of CA was essentially put on hold as we try our best to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Industries like shipping, healthcare, groceries and to-go restaurants are part of the “essential” umbrella, with Construction included in that group. This is a double-edged sword, because although it is helpful for our company to continue work, we have to be very mindful of social distancing and making sure our employees are working in a safe environment. Our office staff is keeping our 6 feet distancing measures in place, and minimizing shared spaces. On job-sites, we are putting in place measures, depending on the size of the project. For example, any job under 1,500 square feet can have no more than 10 people working in the building at the same time, and 2 people added for every 500 sf above that number.

With our job-site requirements, that could result in delays in projects, although we are doing everything we can to maintain the original proposed schedules. Other obstacles we are trying to overcome are city inspections and delayed shipping. Most cities have stopped on-site inspections altogether, and have moved forward using FaceTime or Zoom to do virtual inspections. Some manufacturers in the country have also had to shut down their facilities because their employees are unable to perform their work under safe social distances which is resulting in entire trades grinding to a halt. With everyone during this crisis, we are being as fluid as possible with our communication to our clients and our employees and will continue doing everything possible to keep the people we work with safe.