We hope everyone is back from the fourth of July holiday safe and sound and ready to get to work! We certainly are at DBaC. 2019 marks the 28th year that we have been working with landlords and tenants to help design and build their office space. Today our blog focuses on a project manager who has set the bar pretty high for us for twenty-two of those years, and a landlord he has been working with since his first month at DBaC. 

There is nothing Matt cannot or will not do to get the job done right. His attention to detail is exceptional and something I truly value and personally embrace…” so begins an email from Joe DiCorpo from the Motorcycle Industry Council he wrote a few years ago praising Matt’s work as project manager on his tenant improvement job. Matt has been with DBaC for over 22 years and is still one of the first people in the office and one of the last to leave, and his ability to commit to and focus on the jobs he is supervising is unparalleled. When asked what job he is most proud of Matt picked one that is particularly relevant the week after a patriotic holiday, the Orange County Sheriff substation in Lake Forest. Managing the usual subcontractors along with the specialized subcontractors needed for a secure facility would be plenty to be proud of, but Matt is particularly proud of building a new facility in South Orange County that made the residents in the area a little safer. Currently, Matt is working on a number of jobs for The Irvine Company and he is our go-to project manager for that important and long-standing client. Matt grew up right here in Orange County in Yorba Linda and still lives in the area. He is a life-long Dodger fan who is really hoping this is the year they win it all. Thanks for all you do, Matt!

We typically highlight the jobs we have completed in the blog and showing pictures of the work we have done to turn our client’s vision into a reality are proud moments. This month we wanted to take time to thank a client we have had since the very beginning and remind everyone that we put focus and energy into every job we do, big or small.  As we mentioned above, Matt has been working on behalf of The Irvine Company since he started at DBaC, and they were one of our first clients when we started building out tenant improvements in 1991. We have completed dozens of high-profile jobs for them but this month we wanted to thank them for the jobs we don’t usually talk about in this forum. We are as focused and appreciative for the opportunity to work on the 4th floor offices at 500 Technology, or the restrooms at 38 Discovery as we were to build out any of the multi-floor tenant improvements in Irvine Spectrum or Fashion Island. So, thank you, Irvine Company, for all the tenant improvement jobs we complete for you.