Hello Everyone! June is here and with each passing day we are slowly progressing into normalcy in Orange County. Restaurants are reopening for dine-in service in Newport Beach, we can consider ourselves lucky for this newfound luxury. With more COVID-19 tests becoming available to the public, we are seeing a drop in the percentage of tests coming back positive, which hopefully makes the general public feel safer venturing out into the world. The next phase will be to return to the workplace, although many offices are not currently equipped to practice social distancing measures. Over the last decade or so, there has been a large appreciation of open floor plans, with shared workstations and minimizing the number of walls between coworkers. This can be a catalyst for more creative thought and better communication, but now there will need to be more structure to keep employees safe. DBaC Inc., is here to help you get back into your office, where you can collaborate in person while maintaining the desired brand and culture of your company. For some, that balance can be achieved with only a few minor changes to business operations, but for others, this can only be brought to fruition with more critical office reconfiguration. We are here to listen to your concerns and provide cost-effective solutions for you! We are ready to work with building owners and their teams for anything an existing or prospective tenant may need. Just take a look at our recently completed project for Drawbridge and JLL at 1600 St Andrews in Santa Ana.

Our Project Manager, John Somers, and Superintendent, Kurtis Milhollin, recently completed a 35,000 SF remodel of 1 st and 2 nd floor warm shell space for leasing. The scope of work included upgrading lighting to new code compliant LED lighting as well as fully remodeling the restrooms to bring them up to ADA standards. The common lobby was completely remodeled to match the other existing lobby’s in the office building park at Pacific Center. Like many of John Somer’s projects, this was completed on time and within the budget. The property manager and building engineer were both very satisfied with Kurtis and the crew he ran while supervising the construction. Thank you to both Drawbridge and JLL for the opportunity to create your shell space, and we hope for tenants to fill the building soon!