It’s safe to say that April was a month we would all like to move on from. The pandemic continues to cause the world to slow down as we wait out the storm, affecting economies, businesses and society as a whole. But here in Orange County, the new month has brought sunny skies, raising both the temperature in the area as well as our spirits.  As a community, we have been resilient, quickly adapting to the “new norm” of waiting in lines to enter grocery stores, wearing face masks when out in public, and taking home schooling to a whole new level. The virus will surely have lasting impacts on the world and in many different ways.

The way businesses and individuals work will be completely different. As offices open, there will be certain restrictions like a 50% employee max on any given day. As well as restricting the use of common areas like break rooms. For individuals, a recent survey showed that after being forced to work from home, 40% of people would now prefer to work from home permanently. For a company like DBAC, which specializes in Tenant Improvements and other office build-outs, this means a shift in what office buildings and their tenants are looking to build. Open floor plans and shared work desks will be a thing of the past, as the shift to more cubicles appears to be the future, giving employees walls separating them from their coworkers. Also, smaller break rooms with less shared appliances like microwaves and coffeemakers to reduce the amount of potential contact. At this point, we can only speculate what customers will need and what the future will hold.

As for now, DBaC is here to help in any way we can, even if it means just guiding our clients in the right direction. Recently, our Project Manager, Nick Curci, worked with a company RV Storage Depot as a consultant instead of as a general contractor. They were on a tight budget, preparing an old building and parking lot to be used as a van storage facility for one of their clients. He saved them money by allowing them to hire the subcontractors directly while providing Supervision to make sure the job ran smoothly.