Existential questions aside, we are a building firm and construction contractor specializing in Designing, Building and Consulting. That’s where our name comes from, anyway. We live in, work in and love Newport Beach. Here’s a quick rundown of who we are and what we do.

About DBaC, Inc.

DBaC Inc. was founded by John Curci, whose grandfather and namesake was a citrus farmer turned real estate builder with a passion for building. Beyond that, our team is like any well-oiled machine, made up of a lot of great parts that work together with grace and efficiency. We’ve got a basketball player-turned-accomplished-sailor, a career musician, and a guy who was helping his dad pour concrete when he was 12 years old. Add in John’s awesome son Nick to the mix and a project manager so talented that his clients just wax rhapsodic about him and you get a pretty good idea of who we are.

Design-Build-and-Consult-Our-ServicesAbove all, we’ve got a passion for construction that is unmatched in Newport Beach. We bring all of our cumulative creative, business and organizational talents to the table when we meet with our clients. These are the services we offer.


John Curci brings an architect’s understanding to a construction environment in everything we do. Because of that we have a long and illustrious history of working closely with architects, speaking the same language and providing a fluid experience for our clients. We love the artistry involved in the design and architectural elements of every project and pride ourselves in our involvement at those levels.


We are fully committed to building your project on time and within budget. We set ourselves apart from other architects, designers, builders and contractors by providing the highest quality work within the time frame we give from the beginning. For 24 years we have been accountable to our schedule, and we don’t see that changing. Our workmanship and commitment to deadlines demonstrates our integrity and our steadfastness. 


We approach each construction job as though we were consultants on the job. Having this mindset gives us the freedom to offer inventive new ideas, innovative experiences, and creative solutions. We pride ourselves on this approach because we truly want to be more than your builder. We offer construction consulting services as an a la carte specialty as well. You don’t have to choose to build with us, but…you might want to consider it after we’ve done some consulting for you.

We know we have a lot of competition out there; builders in California seem to just come out of the woodwork. We set ourselves apart by offering only the most highly-skilled, valuable services in the industry. Our commitment to excellence is unsurpassed. 

DBaC, Inc. has been delivering the highest quality results in the construction contractor industry in Newport Beach for decades and we plan to continue to. We hope you’ll want to work with us, because we know that you’ll be thrilled with the outcome. Feel free to contact us anytime about your next construction project. We look forward to hearing from you.