As a general contractor, DBaC, Inc. handles a wide variety of construction projects. We even have Project Managers that specialize in certain types of structures. Each project, depending on the type of building also comes with its own set of specifications and requirements. And with commercial construction, DBaC could be working on anything from a bar to a hospital- and both we’ve done plenty of!

The first type of structure we work on is Restaurant or Food service structures. DBaC, Inc. has built the Taco Bell Cantina in Newport Beach along with the remodel of Wild Goose Bar in Costa Mesa. If we are working on an independent restaurant, the owner has a lot of flexibility with the design and layout of their structure. This is where it takes a lot of communication from DBaC, the Owner and our trusted subcontractors to figure out exactly what would be best and the options that we have for the owners and their properties.

Next, we have Medical Facilities. DBaC has done A LOT of work for medical facilities, like CHOC Hospital, LCI and Hoag to name a few. This can be a very tedious task because there is much more that goes into creating a sterile and consistent environment. Consistent meaning that the electrical supply is always going to need to be running, supply lines must be constantly available, and air must have constant flow to help keep the rooms free of pathogens and illness. With the expensive and high-tech equipment that goes into these facilities we have to think about protection from fire and any other potential mishaps that can occur. With medical building, we want to be triple checking everything even more than we already do. Lastly, we have to make sure that the areas are easy to navigate with little obstacles for quick emergency responses.

Tenant improvements are something that DBaC handles a lot of. Our involvement in enhancing or constructing apartment complexes, duplexes and so forth involves comprehensive considerations. We have to think about the IT systems for connectivity, safety protocols for occupants, and long-term durability when we are in the stages of planning. Our number one priority in these jobs are tenant safety and comfort, so we create structures that can endure a lot as well as making sure it is comfortable enough to call home.

A lot of our Tenant Improvement projects are led by DBaC Project Managers like John Somers, Matt Veltre, and Nick Curci, whose expertise and style elevate the quality and efficiency of our construction projects.


All of that being said, DBaC works on all structures we can get our hands on in Commercial Construction. This is why we are proud to be called one of Orange County’s finest General Contractor and we stand by our name! Our work speaks for itself.