1. Common Commercial Work

    As a general contractor, DBaC, Inc. handles a wide variety of construction projects. We even have Project Managers that specialize in certain types of structures. Each project, depending on the type of building also comes with its own set of specifications and requirements. And with commercial construction, DBaC could be working on anything from a bar to a hospital- and both we’ve done plenty of…Read More

  2. Safety in Construction

    The construction industry is undoubtedly one of the most hazardous fields of work. Construction workers face daily activities that have the potential to result in grave consequences if necessary precautions are not taken. This underscores the crucial importance of equipping them with the right tools, knowledge, and resources to confidently navigate job sites, all while being acutely aware of poten…Read More

  3. Latest Construction Industry Trends

    Trends are all around us, and when it comes to the construction industry, there are some exciting ones on the rise. If you're part of the construction world, it's a good idea to keep these trends on your radar because they're likely to stick around for a while. One of the trends we're keeping an eye on is the concept of "Smart Cities." To get a taste of what that means, just take a look at what Ja…Read More

  4. Differences Between Residential vs Commercial Construction

    DBaC solely works in commercial construction. However, we also manage residential work through Peninsula Custom Home Builders. Residential and commercial construction are two distinct categories within the construction industry, and they differ in various ways, including their purpose, design of the buildings, regulations, and materials used. Here are some key differences between residential and c…Read More

  5. How To Build a Good Reputation in the Construction Industry

      Building a good reputation in the construction industry is essential for long-term success. A strong reputation can lead to more clients, repeat business, and referrals. At DBaC, we pride ourselves on the fact that over 85% of our business is through long-term returning customers. Here are steps you can take to build and maintain a positive reputation in the construction industry: Deliver Q…Read More

  6. The Post-Pandemic TI Project

    The year is 2022: the cellular networks are expanding their 5G capabilities, Mark Zuckerberg is creating the 'Metaverse', and business to business relationships are almost completely remote in most parts of the country. What does that mean for the construction industry? Construction has lagged behind the rest of the world with the adoption of technology but we are rapidly approaching a 'tipping p…Read More

  7. City Tower and UCI Hospital

    Hello Everyone! We hope you had a fun and safe end to your summer, lucky for us Orange County people, staying outside is quite easy. With warm weather still around, the beaches are still crowded and restaurants/patrons alike are taking advantage of the expanded outdoor dining options. If you ask me, it almost feels like we are in Europe, just with a lot more face masks. This month, we would like t…Read More

  8. construction worker using PPE installing insulation in roof

    Here’s What A Covid-19-Safe Construction Site Looks Like

    It might not be necessary for you to shut down your construction operations in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not all workplaces, and for sure not all construction sites, are the same or  go by the same rules. Site by site, each place is different. And then, the rules vary based on what city and state you’re in. That being said, all possible precautions should be taken to ensure a job site …Read More

  9. How to Choose a Building Contractor, Part 2

    Buildings these days last a long time. Sure, you can point to ancient buildings as well that are still standing, such as the Pantheon in Rome, The Great Pyramids of Giza, and the Gothic Cathedrals that dot Europe, from the Burgos Cathedral in Spain to the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. However, modern buildings made of steel have the potential to last much longer. Hence, if you are looking to const…Read More

  10. How to Choose a Building Contractor

    So you need a building built. Be it residential, commercial, or industrial, you want the best building contractor in Newport Beach for your next construction project. But with so many options to choose from, what do you look for in a building contractor? DBaC is the best building contractor in Newport Beach, and as the Top Rated Local® building contractor, our customers say it all. Most of our bu…Read More