Buildings these days last a long time. Sure, you can point to ancient buildings as well that are still standing, such as the Pantheon in Rome, The Great Pyramids of Giza, and the Gothic Cathedrals that dot Europe, from the Burgos Cathedral in Spain to the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. However, modern buildings made of steel have the potential to last much longer. Hence, if you are looking to construct a building for use as your home or business, most likely the building that is constructed will last a very long time. Thus, choosing a building contractor is a big decision that you don’t want to rush. After all, the last thing you want is a building that you are not completely satisfied with.

DBaC Inc, a Top Rated Local® building contractor, offers building contractor services from start to finish. We can help with the architectural design of your building and then the actual construction phase. Our team of architects, engineers, and construction industry professionals have decades of collective experience overseeing and implementing architectural designs into construction realities. We are experts at problem-solving so if things don’t go as planned, we find an alternative quickly. When you partner with us for your next construction project, we guarantee that your building contractor project will be on-time and on-budget.

In our last blog post, we touched upon three ways to help you choose the best building contractor for your needs. In this blog post, we’ll conclude our tips on how to choose the best building contractor. Contact us today to get started!


Make Sure You Know What You Want

During the interview phase of choosing a building contractor (which we talked about in our last blog post), you will undoubtedly be asked a lot of questions about the specifications of your building, the overall aesthetic look you are looking for, and details about the design of the interior space. It is during this time that DBaC recommends that you finalize what you want out of your building project. The more detailed you can get, the better. Really take some time and plan out every aspect, from the flooring to the rooms and even the light fixtures. The more details you can give your building contractor, the more accurate your estimate will be and the better of an idea they will have.

There’s almost nothing as frustrating for a building contractor than having to make last-minute changes to architectural design plans, or worse — having to make changes in the middle of the actual construction phase itself because you have changed your mind. DBaC in Newport Beach recommends that you make your final design decisions and then stick with them.

Get Everything in Writing

After you meet with several building contractors, they will most likely draw up a project estimate that will tell you the specific cost of your project. This estimate will most likely be very general. Once you decide on a building contractor then he or she will draw up a contract, which will list out all of the specific costs. It will give the estimated start and finish dates, as well as tally up the final cost. It will tell you the cost of materials, labor, profit, and other expenses, such as building permit fees. Most of the cost of construction is the actual building cost itself. The rest is labor and profit margin. A payment schedule is usually included on the contract as well.

With some contractors, they may tell you to be prepared for the cost to fluctuate and may even go up, depending on unforeseen events. With DBaC, we stick to our budget so your contract with us will be precise.

Compare Bids

Once you have all of the bids for your home or commercial space (DBaC recommends that you should get at least three), you’ll need to compare bids. Remember, not everything is about price. Usually, if you want a top-notch job by the best building contractor in your area, you should expect to pay a premium. If one of the bids is way below the others, that is usually a sign the building contractor is desperate, or he or she cuts corners, which is not what you want in your home or office that will stand for decades. Most of the bids should be comparable, leaving the ultimate decision based on gut feeling.

Here at DBaC, we look at our clients as members of the family. We are hoping to form long-term relationships with our clients so we treat them well. We want you to be so happy with your building project, that you come to us first the next time you need a building constructed, or you tell your friends and family about our superior architectural design and construction services. Our mission is to be Newport Beach’s building contractor of choice, and by treating our customers how we want to be treated, delivering the best buildings that exceed expectations, we hope to achieve your loyalty.


Building a home, office complex, or industrial space is a complex job that involves a lot of moving parts and a lot of specialists in order to get the job done right. It’s important when you hire a building contractor to find out who is doing what in your building. Ask for specific details on subcontractors in case you want to do your due diligence on their businesses as well. Ask where they will get their materials, if they use local suppliers and companies, or if they order from well-known name brands. Remember, this is your home or building for a long time, and you want to make sure it is perfect. At DBaC, we have amazing partnerships with sub-contractors whom we have been working with for years whom we are confident can get your job done right and done to our high-quality standards.

Payment Schedule

One of the most important aspects of procuring a building contractor is payment schedule. This is important to determine before construction begins and should be included in writing on the contract. Most likely, you will need 10 percent when you sign the contract, 25 percent in even increments throughout the project, and then the final 15 percent due upon completion of your building. However, some building contractors may want half up front to cover expenses since building materials alone cost about 40 percent of your project.


While we here at DBaC take pride in our work and the great buildings we are designing and constructing for our customers, we prefer to let our buildings (and their owners) talk for us. Our clients are all highly-satisfied with the job done, and they will tell you so. If you visit our website, you will see our case studies, which go into great detail about our past clients, such as the specific services we provided and how the project went. DBaC allows our word-of-mouth referrals and proven results to speak for themselves.

DBaC is your go-to building contractor for the greater Newport Beach area. If you are looking for a beautiful building for life, give us a call today to get started!