Sometimes, an architect has a vision of what a building will look like. They see every detail, every corner, every wall, and every level. However, sometimes an architect only has a vague impression of what he or she wants to create. The rough building only begins to take shape as the building process ensues, much like a potter who molds clay. If you are a homeowner of business owner who wants a new home or commercial space, you may or may not have a good idea of what you want that space to look like.

DBaC in Newport Beach offers construction consulting services to help you better define the building construction process. We can help you take your germ of an idea, water it, and watch it sprout to the point it blooms, flowers, and thrives. Below, we’ll explain a bit about our construction consulting process and the benefits it can afford you. Contact us today to get started!


Oftentimes during the building process, engineering issues arise, personnel problems can be trying, and last-minute design changes can be challenging to incorporate into the original design. Top construction consultants in Newport Beach, such as DBaC, have the practical experience and the know-how to offer real-world, cost-effective solutions to the inevitable challenges that arise during the construction phase, especially of big building projects. From the design phase of your building project to the final walk-through, construction consultants like DBaC can help mitigate complex construction problems. Contact us today!


  • Different perspective. When you are so close to the construction project, it can be hard to see the big picture. When you partner with construction consultants, they oftentimes see things differently than you. They may known new technologies and approaches that are better solutions for your construction problem at hand.
  • Knowledge. In general, consultants have usually been working in the construction industry for at least 10 years, but usually at least twice that. They have first-hand experience with similar problems your construction project is facing.
  • Save you money. When you partner with a construction consulting firm, such as DBaC in Newport Beach, you inevitably will have less mistakes on the construction project, which can cost you big time depending on the mistake. Construction consultants can also help you stick to your budget. DBaC in Newport Beach makes sure all of our construction projects do not go over budget. We have managed hundreds of construction projects thus; hence, we can help you stay on top of your budget and your timeline. Many construction consultants can also help you negotiate with the cost of materials with suppliers. Many local construction consultants have ties in the community to get you a discount. Some, even, have ties with online construction materials suppliers to help you maximize your dollars.
  • Quality-control. Construction consultants have an eye towards quality. They monitor closely all of the many moving parts on the construction site and ensure everything is up to the strictest of industry standards.
  • Safety. Construction consultants have first-hand knowledge of implementing solutions to problems in a safe manner. They know what works and what doesn’t work, and what may work but is too much of a safety hazard to try. Nothing is as important to DBaC as keeping people safe while on the construction site.


DBaC in Newport Beach offers the best industry professionals, including engineers, architects, specialists, managers, and more. We work with a wide variety of industries, from high tech manufacturing and site work to retail and traditional office spaces. We understand all aspects of construction services, including technical, business, regulatory, and legal matters. We balance risk with controlled solutions that yield proven results. We value open communication every step of the way, and we’ll keep you informed throughout the length of the project.

DBaC in Newport Beach focuses on lean and efficient processes to improve your project’s performance. With our highly skilled construction experts, we can help at all stages of your construction project. If you need architectural design or guidance on the coordination of subcontractors, we can help. We are experts at balancing quality versus cost. Contact DBaC today!