DBaC endeavors to become our clients’ most trusted advisor for everything related to construction. As a commercial property contractor for over 30 years, we have built a system of standards and best practices that redefine the construction contracting industry in Newport Beach. We keep our expectations sky-high so that you know you’re working with only the best around. 


Our design services include collaborating with architects and designers from the project’s start, gaining insight into the building process. This helps us plan materials, supplies, labor, costs, and budgeting effectively. Our unique approach involves close collaboration with artists, aligning our perspective with the project’s ideals from the outset to deliver precisely what our clients desire.


Our founder, John Curci, gained valuable building experience during his college years at UC Berkeley, working as an Assistant Superintendent for Warmington Homes. When he started DBaC, he assembled a team of project managers with architectural backgrounds and design interests who share his commitment to excellence, timely completion, and client communication. As a result, 80% of DBaC’s business comes from repeat clients.


We’re more than just builders. Our architectural and design background makes us a great choice for consulting on your projects as well. We specialize in offering creative, innovative solutions and engineering smart at every opportunity, because it makes us better at what we do, and it makes the services we offer better for our clients. We approach every project from a consulting perspective, so that we can be sure we bring our freshest, most creative engineering to the drawing board. 

What Our Clients Say

Orange County Sheriff’s Department  

Captain Schmutz was effusive about the work we did on their new station, stating: “DBaC did an amazing job in constructing our Sheriff’s Station in Lake Forest. It’s no small undertaking to convert a commercial building to a public safety facility. Their craftsmanship was excellent, they stuck to their timeline, and they were very helpful with the necessary changes as the project progressed.”


Hurley approached us with a project they thought we might find impossible: Create a 4,500 sq. ft. prototypical store experience in their headquarters location. In five weeks’ time.  When the project was complete, Hurley was extremely excited. In their words: “I saw John the other day and told him I thought DBaC did a tremendous job for us in an impossible situation and timeframe. But now that we have used other GC’s I said we were spoiled. No one is as good.”

Motorcycle Industry Council

This project was particularly unique in that the spaces we were building and working around were occupied by the tenants throughout its duration. The need to create in an environment demanding “swing space” always presents an interesting challenge, but we were up to the task. “The supervision team for our recent tenant improvements were both the most professional, accommodating, creative and top shelf individuals I have come to know. You are fortunate to have them in your employ and we at the Motorcycle Industry Council are privileged to have them handling our remodel. What I like the most about them is their can do attitude…there is nothing they cannot or will not do to get the job done right. Their attention to detail is exceptional and something I truly value and personally embrace. I have very high standards when it comes to the overall quality of the work and the overall finished product and both of these gentlemen constantly work toward that end. No matter how trivial my request is to change something or do something different they get it done with a smile.“ Joe DiCorpo, Motorcycle Industry Council.

La Jolla Group 

The La Jolla Group was in disputes with both their landlord and their architect when DBaC came on board as the builder of their new headquarters location. “We put DBaC in a tough position, making it nearly impossible for them to succeed – yet they not only succeeded they excelled. We love our space and would use DBaC whenever we possibly could.”

Our Commitment

We hope that we have reasonably demonstrated throughout this statement the importance of our commitment to our clients. As you have noticed by now, communication plays an essential role to the success of our business in terms of internal and external dealings. We could not be the company we are today without the expectations for communication that we make clear on every project and within every relationship, every time. 

We state this commitment readily within our guarantee: “On time. Within budget. Guaranteed.” We don’t bother with trying to negotiate deadlines or push blame onto suppliers or laborers— our clients expect a higher level of service than that. And we expect it from ourselves. We set reasonable, logical expectations and then we meet them. It’s really very simple. 

Choosing A Construction Contractor

Choosing a construction contractor means making a number of decisions about quality, cost, efficiency and time management. If you want someone who can create quality while still in budget, you need to hire the best in the business. That’s where we come in. For over three decades DBaC has been providing the greater Newport Beach area with simply the best design, building, and consulting firm available. We’d love to work with you, and we hope that you contact us soon.

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