Hello and Happy New Year! Another decade put behind us and looking forward to what the 2020’s have in store for all of us here at DBAC. Like most of you, we here at DBAC have New Year’s Resolutions, except ours has been the same for over 28 years. That is to provide excellent service for our clients and finish our projects on time and under budget. This month we would like to showcase our most recent work at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County but instead of highlighting one of our employees, we would like to say thank you to a long-time client and good friend, Shirley Curtis.

The CHOC Commerce Tower at 505 S Main St in Orange, CA is a 12-story office building with an attached 6-story multi-use parking garage/office building. DBAC has been working in these buildings for over 15 years now, however our most recent project was located on the 3rd floor for the CHOC Neurology Department.  The scope of work included building out a complete Dr.’s Office with medical exam rooms, offices, breakrooms, waiting rooms and a restroom. This project had a 12-week schedule and was supervised by Shawn Higgins. Shawn handled this job like he does all other projects, taking it very seriously and going above and beyond to give the client an excellent product. He also coordinated daily with Pacific Coast Commercial Real Estate managers Shirley Curtis and Delia Campbell as well as with the architect from Spaces, Tricia Pilkerton, and CHOC Representative Lars Galuppo. With a project of this size, there are always a lot of moving parts and changes, but Shawn was able to continue to move forward as the job went on. Thank you, CHOC, and PCCRE for the opportunity to build this Neurology Office for you!

Over the last 15 years, we have had the pleasure of working with Shirley Curtis at the CHOC Commerce Tower and PCCRE. Over that period, we have built out and rebuilt almost every floor of the building. The trust we have formed between our firms is an example of what we strive to achieve with all our clients. Over the years we have had 11 different superintendents and 3 Project Managers work with Shirley and her team and the longstanding relationship speaks for itself. So, thank you, Shirley, for trusting us to continue to work in your building and good luck in your new chapter of life! We will miss you dearly!