1. November 2020 – Pfizer Announces 90% Efficacy in its Vaccine

    Through the first nine days of November, there have been major events that will shape the economic landscape for California for years to come. First, Prop 15, the ballot initiative to change the way commercial and industrial properties are taxed, was not voted into fruition. Not a week later, Pfizer has announced that their vaccine for COVID-19 has a 90% effectiveness rate in their test patients t…Read More

  2. October 2020 – City Tower and UCI Hospital

    Hello Everyone! We hope you had a fun and safe end to your summer, lucky for us Orange County people, staying outside is quite easy. With warm weather still around, the beaches are still crowded and restaurants/patrons alike are taking advantage of the expanded outdoor dining options. If you ask me, it almost feels like we are in Europe, just with a lot more face masks. This month, we would like t…Read More

  3. July 2020

    We hope you had a fantastic and safe 4th of July holiday weekend. Even though the beaches were closed, the Newport Harbor was open and the locals took advantage. Social distancing isn’t too hard when you can be on a boat in the ocean! As summer has kicked into full gear it has been exciting to see our community rally around the new normal, with plenty of restaurants taking advantage of their par…Read More

  4. May 2020

    It's safe to say that April was a month we would all like to move on from. The pandemic continues to cause the world to slow down as we wait out the storm, affecting economies, businesses and society as a whole. But here in Orange County, the new month has brought sunny skies, raising both the temperature in the area as well as our spirits.  As a community, we have been resilient, quickly adaptin…Read More

  5. April 2020-CoronaVirus

    Hi Everyone! We hope you are doing well during these uncertain times and practicing Social Distancing. This month we would like to take the time to go over our safety precautions that we are implementing and help explain what it means to be working in an "essential" industry. When CA Governor Newson issued the "Stay at Home" order, the entire state of CA was essentially put on hold as we try our b…Read More

  6. March 2020

    This year, Phil the groundhog emerged from his den in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania and decided that Spring would be coming early! This US tradition is by far one of the strangest we have in the country but that doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate our good fortune. Spring is a time of new beginnings and life and we at DBaC look forward to what our Spring has in store for us this year. New beginnings c…Read More

  7. February 2020

    Hello everyone! January was a busy month for us as we shook off the holidays and entered into the new decade swinging for the fences. The construction world has been lucky with a drier season in Southern California compared to the last few years, which means our jobs stay on schedule and our clients stay happy. This month we would like to welcome a new member to the DBaC team and showcase a recent…Read More

  8. January 2020

    Hello and Happy New Year! Another decade put behind us and looking forward to what the 2020’s have in store for all of us here at DBAC. Like most of you, we here at DBAC have New Year’s Resolutions, except ours has been the same for over 28 years. That is to provide excellent service for our clients and finish our projects on time and under budget. This month we would like to showcase our most…Read More

  9. December 2019

    The holiday season is notorious for being the busiest travel months of the year. Lucky for us, we have the very convenient John Wayne Airport here in our backyard. The area around airport’s tend to have hotels and business parks for easy and convenient work travel and we were lucky enough to build out two new buildings just down the street from ours! Brand new roofs and a re-imaged courtyard tur…Read More

  10. November 2019

    With Pumpkin Spice Latte season in full swing, we prep for cooler weather and breaking out our “winter clothes” here in Orange County. Of course, our winter clothes are only jeans and a jacket but that still counts, right?  Southern California is known for its warm/moderate climate, and it’s this type of weather that keep us in the construction industry happy. Minimal rain delays help us ma…Read More